Friday, December 22, 2006

I don't know who will be named newsmaker of the year for Newfoundland & Labrador in 2006. If i had to pick someone newsworthy or in this case noseworthy. It would have to be our Auditor General,John Noseworthy. The mission statement of his office states.

The Office of the Auditor General serves the House of Assembly by providing independent examinations of government and its entities.

As legislative auditors, we audit financial statements and other accountability documents, evaluate management practices and control systems, and determine compliance with legislative and other authorities.

Our purpose is to promote accountability and encourage positive change in the stewardship, management and use of public resources.

Mr. Noseworthy is doing just as he was appointed to do so. So far Noseworthy's audits have found that an unauthorized $1,586,573 was paid to five politicians Liberal Percy Barrett, Tory Ed Byrne, Liberal Wally Andersen, New Democrat Randy Collins and former Liberal MHA Jim Walsh between 1998 and 2006.

His reports have also found that about $2.8 million was paid to four companies for trivial things such as fridge magnets, pins, gold rings and so called keepsakes.

One of the companies was controlled by Bill Murray, who was suspended this summer as director of financial operations at the house of assembly. I myself make trivial things such as fridge magnets and so called keepsakes to sell every summer in local craftshops around my area. I do it to help supplement my income. The wages of a home support worker in this province is not that great and anytime i can earn a few more dollars it helps us pay the bills.We do not receive Gold Rings in our line of work and if we have travel expenses we have to submit the proper paper work before any money is given out.Home Support workers in my area receive 22.5 cents per kilometer when taking a client to work,hospitals,appointments,etc. In 2006 this barely covers the fuel expenses. We have tried to be unionized under NAPE for over a decade but our government refuses to recognize us. Maybe if the Auditor General continues to dig deeper and complete his mission statement and promote the so called accountability he seeks then the positive change in the stewardship, management and use of public resources might go to help groups like the Home Support Workers.The buying of Gold rings and trinkets is at least on hold for now. Yes Mr. Auditor General,you are indeed newsmaker of the year for a lot of us who have no say in the matters of NL.

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Anonymous said...

looks like your smack dab on with your prediction. heard it on the newshour yesterday.