Thursday, December 28, 2006

While reading the VOCM News today and i saw an article on the British passengers stranded after making an emergency landing in St. John's over Christmas. Some of the passengers reported to the Daily Mail that their Christmas dinner at the Fairmont Hotel consisted of leftovers and the hotel was sub-standard! That made me chuckle and i decided to check out the Daily Mail story to blog about it. Scanning quickly through the Daily Mail i came upon this little story {Three-year-old blogger's inspiring chemotherapy diary} and that made me reconsider the whole thing. Samantha the three year old child has a blog and i hope all who view my blog the next few days can also use the link to view hers.
The story really touched me because just a few short weeks ago our community lost a four year old child to cancer. The family kept our community informed of the little boys progress and his setbacks. In a community of just 300 people we pretty well know much about everybody. That family half a world away is no different then the family in my community,Cape Ray. Derby, England has a quarter of million living there and i doubt if a fraction knows of the little girls condition. I dare say those that do, care. For the folks on the stranded flight during Christmas,cheer up. Life could be worst. Be thankful your not in the situation like the young family in Derby or endure several years of hardship like the young couple in my community. Today i'll even practice what I preach. Im thankful also. Best wishes little Samantha Hughes from a place called Cape Ray,NL.


bagwatts said...

You know what? Every time I read your blog I feel better, or I laugh and more often than not I remember not to be so bitter and angry. Thank you. You are a good soul my friend. A very good soul. I hope you and your family have a most splendid new year.

denise said...

yes,i didn't get home this christmas. as you said life could be worse.merry christmas.