Sunday, December 31, 2006

Will it looks like another year is over and this New Years Eve we will be working once again. My wife and i work with adults who are developmentally delayed and tonight like many other nights they will be staying with us. Were workers in the Home Care Sector of NL and like many other home care workers we hope in 2007 to become part of NAPE. It might sound a bit cynical but this year like others in our field we won't be holding our breath waiting for it to happen. We have felt disappointed every year hoping it would happen. Like our clients we can only dream that next day will be better.
Of course things could be worst! Some will never see the New Year and its new wonders. Some fell from grace and swung from a rope in Iraq like Saddam. Others closer to home like poor ol Ed got axed from the executioner. I know,I know, im being cynical again! Will, the next big holiday after New Years is Easter and who knows by then some of the dead might be resurected. Small fry like myself will just try to survive and hope to survive another year without being part of the out-migration. So many of our family and friends have already headed west and at times we actualy feel a bit guilty about it all. Hell, rumor has it that this guy might be heading up to Ottawa in Canada to try and better himself sometime in 2007.
I know,I know! Will,Happy New Year from some small fry in Cape Ray NL and thank you all who viewed my blog and responded in 2006.


A New Writer said...

A Happy New Year to you and yours, Wayne. Hope 2007 is a good year for you.

Justin said...

Happy New Year Wayne! All the best in 2007.