Sunday, December 24, 2006

Movie Plot: A star appears on the Eastern Avalon during Christmas 2006. Yadda.....yadda.....yadda, the liberal prophecy foretold this event back in Yadda.....Yadda...Yadda. No wisemen are available at the time because they're on Christmas break shining up their gold rings,Yadda.....Yadda....Yadda. The people of the southern shore of Newfoundland seek out frankincense and myrrh knowing the re-born already has gold,Yadda...Yadda....Yadda. ...............................

Movie Review: Fellow from Cape Ray: Looked more like a sequel! found it boring and a waste of time. I kept cheering for King Herod and hoped he would slay him during the first 5 minutes of the movie. Rather give the movie a finger then a thumbs up.

John Efford says he'd like to get back at being involved in provincial poltics in some capacity. Efford says he's taken the last year off due to his diabetes and now that it's back under control his political juices are flowing again. He says how he'll be involved will depend on his health.

Efford says he has talked with two individuals about his possible return to politics.

Efford says he's spoken with Liberal Party President danny Dumaresques and more recently with Leader Gerry Reid.

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merry christmas infidel.finding interesting your blog and have it in favorites.