Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Our provincial Auditor General John Noseworthy has released another financial report this morning. One more of our MHA's name has made it to the list.
This makes five on the list,four current and one former member of the house. Ed Byrne's total has been increased to $467 thousand, Randy Collins to $358 thousand, Wally Anderson $344 thousand and former cabinet minister Jim Walsh $298 thousand. In Percy Barrett's case the amount is $117 thousand. The sum total so far is $1,586,000.oo and im sure if Noseworthy keeps digging it'll climb much higher. With a provincial election less then a year away and for the first time since i became eligible to vote in an election im wondering why i should even take the time to do so. My wife and i are home support workers and the pass few months have been seriously thinking of leaving to find a better living in Alberta. We looked forward to each provincial budget day wondering if we would actually gain a small raise to help us survive another year on this island. Most years were disappointed and try to cut back on our expenses. The price of fuel,insurances and electrical power increases all to soon while our wages stay the same. We see our tax dollars wasted by those we elect and just shake our head in disbelief! For the pass 17 years i have worked in the home support system of NL.My work week is usually 72 hours at several different jobs and my wife picks up extra work when she can. We find the time outside that work to volunteer in our small community while watching it fade into oblivion much like our tax dollars. I just can't see us walking into a polling booth in NL next fall and casting a vote. In the pass we voted (for different candidates at times) for those we thought would represent our interests the best. When the day comes for us to vote for the one we less suspect to steal our hard earned tax dollars we contribute to our province then i'll just drive pass the polling station. Maybe the next MHA to represent our interests will be in another Canadian Province.


denise said...

it does irritate knowing that money is stolen from us. STOLEN is the correct word in this case.

Anonymous said...

they're politicians.what do you expect? you expect them to do a honest days work? get real.

bagwatts said...

It's darn discouraging to say the least. We had to use the food bank a few years ago, even though I was working. I wonder if it ever crosses the minds of these men just how much they steal from us: not just tax dollars and our ability to survive, but also faith in our system of governance here in Newfoundland. Well written Wayne and I'm glad you are feeling better!

lori said...

"they're politicians.what do you expect? you expect them to do a honest days work? get real."

That's a depressing thought isn't it? We should expect more of our politicians. Nay, we should demand more of our politicians.

I don't have much to say about the spending scandal, I think it is what it is but I will say that your post illustrates my problem with the government. The lack of jobs in Newfoundland and Labrador. Danny Williams can fight for as much offshore oil as he like and he can battle Ottawa for whatever it is he wants but what's the point if there are no Newfoundlanders actually left in Newfoundland. It's time someone start thinking about job creation.