Sunday, August 05, 2007

After the Storm

I don't usually write about the weather but the last 12 -16 hours it has been a bit peculiar even for here. Nature gave us a great light show throughout the night and early morning with a few power outages thrown in to irritate. Heavy winds, rain and hail at times sounding like a passing freight train made everyone in the community take notice. This evening it started to clear so i decided to take a walk to the area called the gut to see if the barhoisway had opened to the sea again. Saw a few rabbits and a scurrying weasel that i don't usually see in the area and had to jump across a few babbling brooks i never encountered on that trail before. I decided to go in the woods and check out the old grave site of lighthouse keeper and his family buried in the early 1900's. After searching around and getting quite wet from the high grass i gave up the search.With the land grabs at that site im hoping that the fallen grass has covered the stones and they have not been removed by someone who would like to have a great view from a new summer cabin rather than let it be a final resting place. I'll go back in the next few days and check it out again.

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