Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Cape Ray Evening

Yesterdays mystery of the missing headstones have been solved. I made another trip to the area this evening and after moving back some tall grass i found them once more. The storm of the previous night had flattened everything all in one direction. The local paper had emailed me earlier in the day asking if i knew a Tornado had touched down. I have never witnessed that weather phenomenon before so i really didn't know. Some of my neighbors did have a lot of property damages. I do know that i must try and seek a bit of help in preserving those old stone markers or one day they will be gone forever. Hopefully with plant workers in the area seeking hours of employment elsewhere, some hours from a grant may be used in fixing that site up.

Our oldest granddaughter accompanied us this evening to the seashore and we spent a half hour or so picking some wild berries there. Her great grandmother will probably drop by soon and show her that with a few more ingredients those wild berries can be transformed into a pie. It's great to live in rural NL at times. Hopefully she'll remember those moments when she grows older and the photographs we take now will turn into treasures.


Anonymous said...

"recently tried corona beer for the first time and i like it. i noticed some people putting leamon wedges in it. why? it's not rocket science,it's a beer so if you like it why the leamon'

First time eh!!!!!where have you been all your life

Table Mountains said...

i have been sticking to my favorite brand. tried this one recently. doubt if i'll change but i did like it.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Corona it is ok I will drink it once in a while, I usually drink Busch Light, if I drink Busch Regular it get me all riled up, that is what that Busch beer will do to you, I call it the fighting beer.

Here is a couple of videos I just made this past weekend down at Crater Lake, Oregon, as you will see we are not just all concrete and building down here in the States.

The first one you have to watch very carefully because it looks like I am taking a video of a picture.
Crater Lake

Leaving Crater Lake National Park