Monday, August 27, 2007

Google Earth - Google Sky.

Stargazing was a great pastime for me as a kid.Trips to the library and an old map of a few stars and constellations kept me entertained many evenings. I couldn't afford a good telescope at the time and what i had was not more than a tube with two pieces of glass in it.It was so shaky i had to build my own tripod out of two by two's. Later in life i purchased one for my son hoping he would be interested but the novelty wore off and i think the telescope was later sold at a yard sale.Yesterday my son sent me a link for the new Google sky. It's amazing how far things have come. A person can now click on the location of where they live and see the sky above them. Progress is great, but i wonder now how many kids will not take the time to go outside and look up but click a mouse instead?

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nadinebc said...

How neat!