Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Looks like even a Wheel-chair bound Cuban can scare the U.S.A. So it's no wonder an aged dictator still makes them tremble after all those years.

Mary McCarthy, was born in St. John's, Newfoundland in 1900 and met a businessman Pedro Gomez Cueto at the opera in Boston. At the age of 24 she became a widow but has lived in the same house for 61 years. Her jewelry and fortune she inherited when she was widowed in 1951 have been frozen in a Boston bank since the United States placed Cuba under sanctions after Fidel Castro's leftist revolution in 1959.

Since January this year the U.S. government has let her withdraw a $96 a month allowance from her U.S. Bank after Canadian diplomats interceded on her behalf.

McCarthy is asking U.S. President George W. Bush to free her money so that she can live her remaining days with dignity. She would also like to have her family's "trinkets" released.

"They said they couldn't give it to me because I live in Cuba. That's the only money that I have left. It is in Boston, but I live in Cuba, that's the great terrible, terrible thing," she said during a recent visit to her home.

Responding to U.S. officials who suggested McCarthy leave Cuba and return to Canada, Keyes said she was no longer able to withstand a harsh Canadian winter.

McCarthy has been confined to a wheelchair since she fell and broke her hip in 2002.

A devout Catholic, she prays after tea every day. Her godson Elio Garcia wheels her to a darkened lobby where, under the gaze of a marble statue of Salome, she prays with a rosary to Cuba's spiritual patron, the Virgin of Charity.


Anonymous said...

a 107 year old newfie commie.

Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne what more does this woman want she made a decision years ago to stay in Cuba under a Commie Regime, and $96.00 dollars a month there is like being a millionaire.

Soon as she is gone one of her relatives will go in and collect the money from the bank and say to their self what a stupid bitch.

I think maybe GW should up her allowance to at least $98.00 a month, you think maybe that would satisfy her.

By the way I don't think we have ever trembled in our boots because of Castro.

Here is a man who has lived high on the hog for years while citizens of his country have have been oppressed, so RAVE ON....because once that peckerwood is gone I think you will see a change in Cuba and the way it thinks.

Anonymous said...


I finally got my first issue of the Downhomer but no VIP Card, seems to me they do not want to send me one even though I have asked about it 3 different times, I guess the next thing is demand that my subscription be cancelled and my $50.00 dollars returned seeing how they do not want to live up to what they place on their website.

wayne said...

email the main honcho himself and ask him. i was thinking of asking in thee DH thread but the mods wouldn't have a clue.

Karin said...

I have had a blog break for a couple of weeks. Now I´m back again and I would like to say thank you for your visit and your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wayne I talked to a friend of ours who is from Main Brook and they said they received theirs after the first issue. I will give it a little more time before I give GW a call for help and see if he can muster up a couple of Army Rangers to go after the card for me.

In the mean time I will be traveling across the states with my cameras taking a lot of pictures and videos.

Here is a great pic of Crater Lake.

Click here to view the picture