Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Afternoon on the Newfoundland Trailway

Spent a few hours with my granddaughter on the Newfoundland Trailway this afternoon. We have made quite a few little rides this pass summer and seldom meet anyone else out doing the same thing. However today i saw a tour group who probably came by way of Argentia and they usually drive on without stopping. I had 16 years on that trailway but back then we called it a railway and rode over it by train or rail speeder. I'll post a link here of a past blog so i won't have to get all teary eyed today describing those years. So back to the trailway........... it passes through my community and the scenery here with the miles of sandy beaches is fantastic. I sometimes wonder why very few take advantage of it here and no local has started a tour company for tourists who might like to see something different. I'm sure in the summer time a tour of just a few hours per day could fetch a few dollars to some young entrepreneur.........So back to this afternoon. Our little trip lasted less than two hours and my granddaughter got to enjoy a great August afternoon before she starts her first year of school in a week or so. We shot a few hundred shots (thank God for Digital) and i will pick out a few to have developed for her albums and the rest will be stored on DVD's. So for anyone who might like to view the Newfoundland Trailway in our area click on a few thumbnails below to see a few of our shots today.


Brian said...

Lifes great in it?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Wayne, I had planned on going to to Mt Rainer this week to shoot some videos and stills but will not make it due to other things coming up, we went to Rainier, WA this past weekend and seen Kim and Famly at a bluegrass festival.