Friday, August 24, 2007

St. Paul Island with Cape Breton Island in the background.

Situated 44 miles southwest of Cape Ray is St. Paul island. The highest point on the island is 485 feet above sea level. Sometimes when weather conditions are just right i can go to the top of the mountains here in Cape Ray and see it. Sometimes when conditions are perfect i can also view Nova Scotia. The above photo was taken yesterday afternoon on one of those rare days when i captured a photo of both.

Aerial shot of St. Paul Island.


WJM said...


You ever see the Maggies from up top?

Table Mountains said...

the magdalene's are a bit to far.

Anonymous said...

wayne is that shot from the table top or the radio tower mountain where the old cnt buildings are?

jim carter

Table Mountains said...

it's where the towers are in red rocks. i think the elevation of that one is just over 900 feet. i dare say if i was over on the table mountains at the time the extra 500 feet or so of elevation would of made a better shot. some days it can be observed at much lower elevations.