Saturday, November 19, 2005

Always surfing the net for new blogs,new things and a few days ago ran across this blog.After reading a bit of it i began to wonder about the blogger.They're either from another planet or sending code to Osama in his cave.Check it out and if you can decipher any of it.Please,please come and tell me.


Jail Bird said...

When I translated English to Spanish and then back to English again, I came up with something similar.

I like the one real comment - what the fuck you talking about?

tracy said...

I'll have to agree that this is a secret cult site or aliens trying to master the language. WTF????

HASH said...

They do the blog spamming (splogging - I know, horrible word) to gain higher rankings in the search engines. Those links on the right side eventually will lead to their websites and they gain higher rankings because of the "mesh" of sites that they've created.

btw, my daughters were sitting on my lap when I pulled up your site (randomly) and really enjoyed the music video.