Sunday, November 27, 2005

For some reason or another im a fan of the the animated series SOUTH PARK. Been watching it for years and it's going to be around until at least 2008. At first i figured this show would be pulled from the airwaves because of its content but over the years South Park has shown that no topic is too off-color to touch on.
Someone said "Where else on TV can you hear debate about controversial issues like assisted suicide, sexual harassment, hate crimes, voting recounts, and pedophile priests?"Where else indeed!
South Park has three characters who reflect various parts of all our characters. Stan, the “average guy” who goes with the flow and learns from the consequences. Kyle, the principled iconoclast who tries to oppose the crowd when they’re acting irrationally. Finally, we have Eric Cartman, who reflects the dark side in all of us. We use to have Kenny but for some reason, the poor frigger got killed off so often they made it permanent.We also see an animated cast of different characters,all adding to the satire of the show.
They say it takes up to 8 months to create one Simpsons episode but only 3 days for a South Park one.I hope that the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone stick around for a while longer.For a list of celebrities who appears or was parodied on South Park,,,click here.

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Amy said...

Best show ever!!

Since I have been living in the States my love of SP has grown exponentially.

Better than The Daily Show! And I definitely don't say that lightly.

The Terri Shaivo epsiode last spring was glorious.