Wednesday, November 09, 2005

With Rememberance Day so close i thought i would add this bit of local History to my blog site.Short story of a lady i knew and the sacrifice her family made in WWII. Heres a link to the Newfoundland Overseas Forestry page maintained by the Pike family in Guelph,Ontario.


Lindsay said...

Received your comment. I am trying to improve the photos I publish.
I read your article about the chap from Glenmuick. I was there last Saturday en-route with a client to climb a local hill. It is only an hour's drive from my home in the City of Aberdeen where I run my own business.

lynne44 said...

It was interesting reading about my grandfather. I only saw a pic of him once about 40 years ago and I wish I would have asked for it but I was very young. I loved to see a pic of my aunt sadie with the medal. I remember being told the story of what he did overseas.

L Y. ( Maudes Child)

lynne44 said...

I was so happy to see this article on my grandfather. I heard stories about how he went overseas and died there, but there is so much more . I only seen a pic of him way back years ago and I wish then I would of asked for it but I was very young and now I am sick about it. I'M glad aunt Sadie got the medal.It is the first time I seen a picture of her.
Keep up the good work

Linda Pauline