Thursday, November 10, 2005

Finally made it to the big Five- O today.
They say your age is just a number but i would prefer a much lower one! Will at least i get to blog about this one because last year like a great percentage of the population i didn't know what a blog was. Most people who have a blog seem to write with ease but for me it's just a little outlet to rant or publish a bit of community history on. Back to the big 5-0, it's an age a few of my friends never made it to. One good friend died the day before my nineteenth birthday,November 9/1974 and it was a terrible moment in my life.Ten years later i picked that day to get married because i wanted to remember his life and the new one i started on that day.Other childhood friends died later but none seemed to affect me as his death did.I guess on my nineteenth birthday standing in a funeral home looking at him just 19 years of age himself made me realize what a gift life really was.


melanie said...

Happy belated birthday!

NL-ExPatriate said...

Happy belated Birthday.

I just had one also not quite as experienced as you. 41 on No 12.

Thought I recognized some Scorpio in your writing :)