Monday, November 28, 2005

Lets get ready to rumble!

History will be made tonight as the federal government is defeated in the House of Commons. It will be the first time a motion of non-confidence has resulted in the defeat of a government in Parliament. The Prime Minister isn't expected to waste much time before going to the (looks hot!) Governor General to ask for an election to be set. Likely dates are January 16th or 23rd.

Two familiar faces from our province may may decide in the next day whether they will run federally. Jack Harris who represented the federal riding of St. John's East between 1987 and 1988, is stepping down as leader provincial NDP leader after 13 years on the job. Sources say federal NDP leader Jack Layton has called Harris often in the past week, as the party believes it can win that seat with Harris on the ticket.

Harris, a labour lawyer, made a splash in a July 1987 byelection when he won St. John's East for the New Democrats. He lost the seat in the fall 1988 election to Tory Ross Reid.
Harris moved into provincial politics in 1990, and has represented a downtown St. John's district since.

The NDP have never suceeded in getting much of a foot hole in our province federal or provincial .

Conservatives want Manning another veteran of the House of Assembly to run in Avalon, the federal riding now held by the retiring John Efford.
Manning has been sitting as an independent MHA since May, when he got his ass kicked out of the Progressive Conservative caucus by Danny Williams for not towing the party line. Manning was accused of telling caucus secrets and criticized government policy.I knew they had secrets but it was the first i heard they had a policy.

I love elections mostly because money seems to flow so easy everytime one is called. We finally get to see some the the surplus spent that was horded up. Come to think of it,that's what it was probally intended to do all along,buy voters!Im hoping for another minority government more then a white Christmas. We wouldn't want a white Christmas because it could be to hard for the boys out on the campaign trail and much harder to kiss babies in snowmobile suits in their little sleighs.

The polls show the Liberals with a slight lead already but im sure thats subject to change when the scare tactics start.All in all it should be interesting and im hoping Santa wil bring us another minority government and i don't care which party has it.Who knows we may be back to the polls again by next Canada Day!

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Anonymous said...

First, I think the liberals will win the election with another minority government.

Second, I doubt people realize the amount the election process costs. The 2004 election cost around $250 million. This is the operating cost of Elections Canada. I guess Harper doesn’t mind costing the tax payers this nominal fee every time he’s upset with the current government.

The candidates have said they will take a reprieve from campaigning during the Dec 23 – Jan 02 timeframe, good for them!!! But you know who doesn’t get a break during the same timeframe? Media employees, pollsters, campaign staffers, Elections Canada employees and I’m sure there are many others.

The timing of this election is affecting me directly. My wife is employed by Elections Canada and has had her holiday leave denied. We didn’t find out this until after we had purchased two (nonrefundable – nontransferable) plane tickets home for Christmas! So while Mr. Harper is chowing down on his Christmas turkey, we’ll be sitting at home alone instead of with our family - Merry F’in Christmas to you Stephen Harper!