Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Read this weeks local paper "The Gulf News" from Port Aux Basques and i just wanted to comment on an article by Natalie Musseau.The article was titled "Catholics want more information on sale of properties." People of the Catholic faith in the Codroy Valley seem to have more questions than answers when it comes to the selling of church property in the area. Properties are been sold to pay off legal bills for sexual abuse of children by former priests.
One of the properties is St. Mary's Hermitage in O'Regans and going at $400,000.00. This place is well known as a religous house and a place of retreat visited by people all over the globe and helps promote our area and all of NL. Im not of the Catholic faith but i do think in someway this decision also affects me as well as anyone who cares for the area. Hopefully this place will not have to be sold and can continue to do what it was intended to do! I wonder how Maggie MacKinnon the lady who left this to the church would of felt knowing what may happen?I wonder how many people out there now of all religous denominations feel about leaving properties to their churches? (Blog Photo: Bishop Douglas Crosby who attended the meeting in the Codroy Valley,Nov 6/2005)

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