Sunday, November 13, 2005

I always get my first view of morning news on and this morning i discovered a local man from my home town had sorta declared war on MOOSE !
Here's the news article:
Fed Up With Moose November 13, 2005
A resident of Port Aux Basques says the Provincial Government is responsible for every moose accident that happens on our highways. Stuart Pearce says he's compiled a list of a dozen moose accident victims with the intent of getting compensation from government. He says the moose are the responsibility of the government, and like farmers, they are responsible for any accidents caused by their animals.
Pearce says he's also issued a warning to all moose on November 26th when he travels across the island. Stay off the roads because he's willing to use self defense to prevent any accidents that may lead to a death. Pearce says he plans on not just taking it down, but taking it out. He says in doing son, it just might save a life.
Pearce says anyone that's been involved in a moose accident and wish to have their name added to the list of names to be forwarded to a lawyer, can do so by calling, faxing or emailing him at 695-3149 or

Got me to thinking!I wonder if someone who had the misfortune of colliding with a Caribou or Black Bear on our highways,could they also seek compensation? Or are the bear and caribou species exempt from damages to cars and people?When Mr. Pearce takes his journey November 26 across our island,what does he mean by "Stay off the roads because he's willing to use self defense to prevent any accidents that may lead to a death. Pearce says he plans on not just taking it down, but taking it out." Is this a different animal then im use to seeing when im travelling or hunting?The moose i met seemed illiterate but then again i didn't ask for their autographs and never really thought much of it. Outside of the novel "Animal Farm" where only the pigs could read i never heard of others reading. I always thought of the moose as dumb because sometimes when i passed a Moose Crossing sign i would see them on the roads not heeding the spot where they were suppose to cross.

Enough of the joking....i know every year people are killed in moose/car collisions and it's not one bit amusing.I have had a few close calls myself and just yesterday on a drive to Stephenville i saw one on the road side and a few on the backs of pickup trucks all neatly quartered up ready to take home for consumption.
Here's a great site from Cal White of Addventure X in St.Georges giving a few tips on highway driving. I think more education like that site would be more beneficial to drivers then anything else. No it won't stop all the moose/vehicle collisions,nothing short of a complete cull on the island will do that.Then what?Start on another species?
Im looking forward to hearing of Stuarts cross island adventure on November 26. Probally he's going to mount some kind of mechanical device on the front of his vehicle similiar to the old cow catchers on the locomotives years ago.


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