Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Its official! On January 23rd/2006 we will be taking part in the Canadian Snowshoe election. Paul dropped by to see our Govenor general this morning after getting a non confidence motion by a vote of 171-133 last night. The three opposition parties voted in favour of that motion. Premier Danny Williams has already written the three federal party leaders outlining a shopping list of our wants here in NL. Danny ol buddy,you should still write a letter to Santa. He has much more credibility then those three!

Looks like Jack Harris is not going to run for the NDP in our province and Fabian says he's not sure yet. Im sure Fabian will do so because he and Danny aint gettin along well lately.

El simpleton,Liberal MP Gerry Byrne insists the election isn't necessary at this time. pointing to the Tories not having candidates in place in all seven ridings in this province, as a sign that we are not important to the Conservatives. Give it up Gerry,don't worry be happy, your constituants might not have to feel guilty about voting for you if you win by acclamation!It's going to be interesting with all the free loonies tossed around by the chief liberal loonie this comming Christmas.


NL-ExPatriate said...

I would love to see the Premiers Xmas list. I might even Forward it to as many poll iticians as I possible can.

Just call me NL-Spam-patriate

Somebody has to do it may as well be me. I consider it my contribution to volunteering.

I'll have to make a google alert for that one pronto.

Anonymous said...

You are one angry person! WOW