Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anyone else like to dabble with Adobe photoshop? Been playing around with photoshop for a few years and even tried at one time to get the local college here to put off a course in it. I would of liked to know more about color management and a few other techniques. Using Adobe Photoshop is like having a darkroom right inside your computer. I played around with a few online tutorials but nothing can come close to someone who can teach it. I feel overwhelmed looking at some of the books on the subject but a video might be more usefull.


cooladd said...

I think you should be able to find some online tutorials and similar articles, perhaps join a message board / forum where you can find people who know a lot more about it :) i've used it myself in the past, but only experimenting. Check out my blog if you like, i've got some photos i took on it and some poems, let me know what you think, thanks, adam

NL-ExPatriate said...

Nice Bailey Bridge. Where is it?

Table Mountains said...

that bailey bridge is at bear cove brook,red rocks just a couple of kilometers east of my home in cape ray.that's the twin mountains near cape ray in the background.

BNB said...

Bit of a PhotoShop Freak myself.

Couple of quick tips for you:

1. As soon as you open your photo save it as .PSD and use the PSD as your working copy.

2. Experiment with Layers, let's you move around separate elements.

3. Save a copy as JPG only when it is finished - JPG is compressed so if you work with it you'll loose resolution after a while.

4. Know pic formats - eg: GIF is a specialized format for animated pics and transparent backgrounds but generally poor quality otherwise. Starting off you might want to stick to TIFF, PSD and JPG. The format of the pic and the colour mode will determine a lot of what can be done with it using the tools in the toolbar.

If you ever have questions feel free to drop me a line. tdbreen@yahoo.ca