Thursday, November 24, 2005

Some days i think i read to much friggin news!
Department Store 'Mannequin Rape' Hits All Time High

The period beginning on the Monday before Thanksgiving up until Christmas, is the peak time for a little reported incidence of mannequin rape, according to disturbing figures that have come into our possession says some news source..( I wonder who keeps track of those things?)
The attacks, where store mannequins are sexually assaulted, sometimes in the store in front of other shoppers, hit a peak in 2004 with over 4,000 suspected incidents. That number is expected to grow again this year.(WHY?)
The combination of mild winters, and increasingly sexy mannequins are to blame for the increase in what is widely regarded as a significantly underreported crime.(The ones i seen are not that sexy,maybe im staring to much at the girls who work there instead)
Mannequin rape may have gone unnoticed for many years as it had been miss-reported under other offenses, such as 'mannequin theft', 'temporarily missing mannequin' or 'unauthorized mannequin moving'.
In the case of 'mannequin moving', most stores do not regard it as a police reportable offense if the mannequin is moved less than 3 inches.(must be sorta like the age limit thing for humans)
A store security guard says,
"85% of mannequin rapes occur when a mannequin, which is on display near a changing room, is taken into the said changing room and then attacked."(now im curious about the other 15%)
Will at least you don't have to get it drunk with "Jesus Juice" first which brings me to the next part of todays blog.

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