Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Looks like were getting another visit from a musical legend!Mr Willie Nelson will be dropping by the province in May,2006. We recently had a visit from the great George Jones and it became the talk of the area for weeks. So if your a legend,over 70 and want to pick up a few extra bucks come on down to Newfoundland. Hell im sure in just a few years Cher will be doing her final farewell tour here! Now don't be saying "shut up Wayne,knock it off!" If you want to see old foggies perform and shell out 50 - 60 bucks go right ahead. Geeze i even wish ol Elvis was still around,im sure he would drop by also. Only thing im afraid of is that someone is going to Screech one of those old guys in and that'll kill them! Of course if someone like Keith Richards happens to drop by,then go right ahead.Im sure he can handle it!

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Jail Bird said...

I saw Willie open for the Dead a couple years ago. It was a great time.